HSI Plumbing Lower Drain service

More people depend on Roto Rooter than any other company for residential, commercial and industrial plumbing and drain services.

Roto Rooter is America’s neighborhood plumbers


Don't let plumbing problems drain you of your sanity or budget! Maintain the flow of your home or business by enlisting the help of HSI, Inc. and we'll get your plumbing up and running so you can get back to your day.

Service for your septic and mechanical systems

• Water heaters

• Garbage disposals

• Drain cleaning

• Leak Repairs

• Sewer line replacements

• Faucets and fixtures repair/replacement

Our service area includes south of Knoxville, TN all the way to Dalton, GA and east of Chattanooga, TN

With 2 main locations in the Southeast portion of the country, our service area is many times larger than other roto rooter companies.

Over 35 years of experience in serving all your roto rooter problems

Examples of Plumbing Services we offer

Multiple locations that offer a large service area

With decades of experience on our side, you know you are in great hands when it comes to vacuuming away waste from your septic and mechanical systems. In addition, rest easy knowing that the brand Roto Rooter of Cleveland, TN / Dalton, GA is the main brand used in our services. This happens to be a very respected and effective brand in the business.

Serving your community since 1976

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